At dhjh we believe that there is more to an audit than the annual year end compliance visit and as with all of our work, our clients should benefit from the services provided.


Accounting and audit regulations are arduous and our aim is to deal with them with as little fuss as possible so that you can get on with running your business.


As registered auditors we are qualified to deal with all statutory and bespoke audit assignments. As well as fulfilling all legal audit requirements our audit approach gives us the chance to really appreciate how your business is run because we spend time finding out about it and then plan our audit to test the systems you have in place.


We adopt set-criteria and a pre-agreed timetable to follow with your accounting staff so that your annual audit is as quick and efficient as possible. This process helps us offer effective and constructive feedback on your accounting, internal control and other in-house systems and make any recommendations for cost effective improvements.


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